Famous creepy places

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One ghost incident is bearable but a series of them is just creepy. Whether you believe in ghost stories or not if the same story and sighting keep on happening for decades, there might be just some truth to it.

Canada’s top creepy abandoned places

Canada is a hot spot for ghosts. Whatever fuels our imaginations have not gone away for years in some areas in this country. This article is going to focus on the creepiest spots.

Fairmont Banff Hotel Springs, Alberta

The hotel has amazing views of the Banff National park and the mountains.  But this is not the only famous thing about the hotel. Established in 1888, the Fairmont Banff Hotel Spring’s visitors and staff have confessed to seeing a ghostly bride walking around the hotel. Some have also heard voices in the rooms making it hard for them to sleep.

Gastown, British Columbia

Gastown is the heart of ghost stories and legends in Vancouver. From the old Hotel Europe to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Waters Street, Gastown is all about history.

The most well-known story of the Old Spaghetti Factory is the spirit of a tram conductor. He is thought to have worked in the restaurant until his time came. The love for his job makes him return to the place. It is said that he has been captured in several photos. Another ghost is the “little red man”, but this is for another day.

Ottawa Jail Hostel, Ontario

The Ottawa institution served as a jail for over a century but was closed down in 1972 primarily because of its inhumane conditions.  The jail is famous for three executions with the most being Patrick J Whelan.

In 1973, Hostel International purchased the building. They opened it as a budget hostel for travellers visiting the town. The first few years visitors had to sleep in jail cells, but it was later renovated. As most travellers and staff will tell you, the ghost of Patrick still haunts the hostel. His body was buried in an unmarked place in the prison’s courtyard. The restless soul still roams in the hostel.

Frank Slide, Alberta

There is always something creepy when visiting Alberta. On April 23, 1903, the whole town of Frank was completely covered with rock. The adjacent Turtle Mountain had a landslide that killed 70 to 90 people who were never found. Since the incident, it is reported that an eerie mist and lights are seen. A lot of people believe these are the apparitions of the people who were never recovered.

St Louis Ghost Train Saskatchewan

The town of Saskatchewan is 100 years old, and of course, it does harbour some mysterious stories and legends. But the most famous phenomenon is the St Louis Ghost Train. The ghost train has been part of this town for a long time.

Residents of the town have seen the apparition of the ghost train. A story is told of a hapless conductor who was decapitated by the train. A whitish light at the top with a red one at the bottom. But the train never arrives. The train comes almost every night at midnight.