The top Canadian unusual abandoned spots

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The most harmless of places can easily turn into the most terrifying places. For instance, an airport, school, hospital or a fishing village just take away the people and a bit of time the places become creepy.

In any location around the world, there is always a wide selection of unusual places. Canada is no exception. In this article, we are going to look at the top Canadian unusual abandoned places where Halloween can best take place.

Dorea Asylum

Information about the Dorea Asylum in Franklin, Quebec is a bit scarce, but it all dates back to the Duplessis orphans. The institute was closed in 1995 when the evils of what was happening to the children in the Asylum came to light.

It is said that one Dr. Ewen Cameron used to perform terrible medical experiments on the kids. The experiments included inducing a coma with drugs for up to three months. There have been speculations that the abandoned asylum is a hot spot for ghosts.

Burwash Correctional Centre

A handful of former inmates have considered Burwash as a hellhole. This includes lead vocalist of the famous American band Tears, Sweat and Blood Clayton-Thomas. The correctional facility began in 1914, and the inmates built a whole community. However, the prison was closed in 1975 because running it became expensive.

In the mid-1990s, almost all the buildings were demolished, but the grave site was later scrapped in 2006. The land is now private property.

Fort San

Fort San is said to be one of the most haunted places in Canada. The old tuberculosis sanitorium might look beautiful on the outside, but there are unspeakable horrors that greet you in the inside. The place sat in a lush ravine. However, when the TB outbreak was curbed, the sanitorium was abandoned and later demolished in 2017.

Bankhead Ghost Town

Bankhead was established in 1903 to supply coal to the Canadian Pacific Railway. The company bragged of 300 men who excavated 200,000 tonnes per year. However, the mining process was difficult. The miners had to dig 185 miles plus a network of tunnels.

In April 1922 a strike broke out, and CPR simply closed down. The economy of the town collapsed causing the residents to move out. In 1930 logging and Mining was forbidden in Banff.

Lake Minnewanka, Underwater Ghost Town

At first glance, no one can notice its existence. The area is ringed with evergreen trees and a 13-mile lake focal point in Banff Park. However beyond the lake is a resort town that can only be reached by scuba diving.

In 1922, the Calgary Powerplant was built. During the Second World War many were hungry for electricity thus an additional of 42 slots were built. But in 1941 the waters raised to up to 98 feet flooding everything. A lot of the structures are still intact, but the place is only accessible through scuba diving.

Which of these places do you want to go to first?