Well-known Canadian ghost cities and scary places

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Looking to make your visit to Canada even more exciting? Do you want to do more than just going to the regular tourist spots?

Is it me or is there a sense of beauty and eeriness when it comes to empty places? A lot of people associate ghost towns as haunted places. But you would be surprised there is so much promise to these places that once breathed life.

Canada is one of the places on earth – with some pretty interesting ghost towns. Some of these ghost towns do not even have running water or electricity but looking at them or their pictures you can tell that they wielded so much promise. We will take a look at a few of them below.

Aspotogan Hotel

The hotel was one of those buildings that were built too big, too fast and too far. The Aspotogan Sea Spa in Nova Scotia was a big investment that went down the drain. The 131 room, white stone complex intended to boast an amazing Atlantic view to its guests.

However, the hotel was too far for guests who could only access it through a private road. As for the locals they were already used to the view. The plan was unrealistic, but it was a beautiful business investment.

Canol Heritage Trail

The Yukon maintains the road for the first 45 km but the rest of the trail 73 years later nature took over. The Canol road was built to bring oil to the defence of Alaska. But two years later it was shut down.

A Canol heritage trail is a good place for hiking, but it is the Mackenzie mountains, that are the most difficult. But the place boasts of beautiful construction gems.

Giant Mine

The gold mine was discovered in 1935 by Johnny Baker, but production delayed until 1948 due to the Second World War. The gold mine stimulated the community of Yellowknife to develop. The gold mine was in production until 2004 when it shut down. Over seven million ounces of gold were mined for all those decades.

However, over four decades, there was a production of 237,000 tonnes of arsenic dust. They were collected and stored in underground chambers. The company was sold to Miramar Giant Mine Ltd, but in 2005 it was abandoned.

Mirabel Montreal Airport

The Airport was opened in 1975, and it was the biggest in the world until the opening of King Fahd International airport in 1995. The plans were drawn, and it seemed that it would revolutionize airport operations at that time.

However, even before the airport was opened the problems were already showing up. The 1976 Olympic Games gave Montreal a big boost but had an infrastructural nightmare. The tourists visiting the games were not impressed. By 1997, all flights moved to Denver Airport, and in 2004 the last flight would be flown. However, there are aviation and cargo companies that continue to use it up to date.